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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  August 17, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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x live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, paul ryan is making several campaign stops in the battleground states of virginia. the campaign focuses on medicare and on taxes. good morning washington. it is friday, august 17. i am cynné simpson. >> i am brad bell. let's check in with the forecast. >> we start out with a little bit of sunshine. as you move forward, it is dark right now. we are looking for a sunrise around 6:20. reagan national airport is 60
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degrees. cooler in west virginia, the upper 50's right now. take a look at our futurecast as we move through -- our day planner and a radar first three -- a first. temperatures will rebound into the lower 90's later this afternoon. a good deal of some for the first part of the day. clouds and strong thunderstorms for tonight. let's get an update on the rush hour. >> we like the way it is starting off. we thought we would start off with a traffic center picture of 270 traffic. it is going relatively smoothly. that is the scenario now on 270. passed 121, clarksburg -- down to the beltway. a lot of construction barrels are pulled out of the way, including in tysons, greenbelt and college park. travel times. there is a huge crash in
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baltimore, northbound 95 in baltimore is closed. if you are going south out of baltimore into washington, everything is free and clear. a picture in virginia -- everything looks good. 395, 695 -- no construction expected for metro rel.. >> just in, the nato coalition says an afghan police officer has killed two u.s. troops. it happened in western afghanistan. the shooter was a member of the aft and local police. it was a group being trained by international forces, including u.s. special forces. the shooter was shot and killed. we'll bring you any new details as we get an. >> in ahead, at arraignment is set for a former fairfax police officer said with -- charged with sexually assaulting a woman. he was arrested in may. he was called from his job. a woman told police he sexually assaulted her at her home in
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manassas. the two were involved in a relationship. >> the race to the white house. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan will visit virginia today. he will attend rallies at two high schools. he will headline a private fund- raiser in the ballston area. his wife was living as a tax attorney in arlington when she met him in 1999. the tax debate continues with ryan's running mate mitt romney. on thursday he declared he has paid at least 13% of income in federal taxes every year for the past decade. romney has not officially released those tax returns. democrats want him to prove his claim. in our next hour we explain how taxes and medicare are hot topics on the campaign trail. president obama is working at the white house. he will meet with senior
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advisers. >> we are hearing from the security guard who was shot when police say a man opened fire at the office of the family research council. >> his name is leonardo johnson. he says he does not consider himself a hero. the shooter is undergoing a medical evaluation. steven tschida has more. >> leonardo johnson was on a gurney right after he was shot at the family research council. >> my instincts to cover. something did not your right to me. >> he spoke to us from his hospital bed. he occasionally works security. he described the moment when -- floyd corkins said he had come in for a internships. >> when i saw the weapon, my instinct was to attack. though he took a bullet, johnson wrestled him to the ground before he -- anyone else
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was shot. police say he had extra ammunition. >> his mother and grandmother learned of the shooting on tv. thank god it happened -- a term debt to be good. >> court documents say that corkins' parents spoke with fbi agents at their home. he said they -- he had strong opinions with respect to those who do not treat homosexuals and a fair manner. the family research council strongly opposes gay marriage. johnson still does not continue -- consider himself a hero. >> i am not comfortable with the zeroth thing. i was doing my job. >> cokrins -- corkins is charged with assault with intent to kill and transporting arms. steven tschida, abc 7 years. >> 7 is on your side with how
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you can save lives by giving blood. american red cross is in critical need of blood donations because of a shortage. join abc 7 and wtop for our summer blood drive. it takes place today at white flint mall. two of the biggest retailers are fighting over martha stewart. >> a setback for amazon on capitol hill. we go live to bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> good morning. the state department had a deal to use kindle readers. the deal was worth billions of dollars. -- millions of dollars. the state department has now decided to conduct additional market research and open the bidding to more vendors. macy's may be suing j.c. penney over the right to use martha stewart products.
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this has mainly to do with cook where. j.c. penney is seeking to revive sales, and has a 17% stake in martha stewart's company. how many are anticipating the release of the iphone 5? in china, you can eat one. i will explain, coming up. >> are right. thank you. we will see you shortly. 72 degrees on this friday. >> still to come, learn what the district is doing in hopes of preventing widespread outages
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>> in the aftermath of storm- related power outages a new task force created by d.c. mayor vincent gray will meet next thursday. they will see if more power lines should be buried to prevent widespread outages, but even a modest proposals are expected to cost more than $1 billion. most city residents are not willing to substantially contribute to a increase in their power bill. time for a check on the weather. >> here at the belfort furniture weather center, it is quiet and dry, looking forward to a sunrise at around 6:24 this morning. by the end of the month compared to today we will have lost about 37 minutes of daylight.
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not good. 58 degrees -- 68 degrees at dulles now. you see a lot of ground clutter. there is no rain. we will look for showers later on this afternoon, some thunder storms for the overnight hours. operating costs to lure 90's when this. -- upper 80's to lower 90's. when the cold front comes through, look for lower highs this friday and saturday. >> i just told my co-workers, this is a water cooler thing. we lost 37 minutes of daylight. it is so sad. we have been taking advantage of dry weather. a lot of construction projects they have been doing across the beltway. greenbelt, tyson, silver spring it is working except into baltimore, where they had a huge crash. a portion of interstate 95 northbound is close.
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they do have a detour that gets you towards the delaware memorial bridge. i have no issues to report in the beltway or the american legion bridge. looks quite out of fredericksburg. get into springfield -- we are good on 66. >> thank-you, lisa. track work will cause delays on metro this week and. >> on the red line. free buses will replace trains between silver spring and guided debt. to,, brooklyn, and rhode island avenue -- takoma brooklyn -- broke land -- brookland and rhode island avenue stations will be closed. >> metro is encouraging students to buy a smart trip part. metro officials will visit local colleges to promote to the card. the first sales of that will be at nova's alexandria campus.
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it is 72 degrees. >> warming up a little bit. coming up, a special time for a summer camp to help the youngest cancer patients. what is being done to
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>> motorcyclists from across the
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country are holding their annual ride in commemoration of september 11 victims. the ride is sponsored by the 9/11 foundation. it goes from the pennsylvania -- from pennsylvania to the pentagon, with stops in hagerstown and cumberland. you can expect some delays in the dulles area. routes for you can expect delays -- go to a bankruptcy hearing is set for the national slavery newseum. the founder, former virginia governor doug wilder will appear for questioning. the museum is in -- $7 million in debt. the group is expected for the museum to be liquidated. >> federal safety officials will make an announcement about new efforts to prevent hot car deaths in children. heatstroke is the leading cause
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for not having crashed car deaths for children under the age of 14. 23 children have died in ours this summer. last -- august 27 was the highest one-week total ever. >> a special summer camp in virginia is celebrating a big anniversary. >> camp fantastic -- it launched 30 years ago to give pediatric cancer patients a break from the onslaught of medical tests and hospital visits. we look back at three decades of love and loss. >> every summer, this center in the shenandoah valley transforms into camp fantastic, an oasis of happiness for more than 100 pediatric cancer patients. >> is a place for you cannot worry about cancer. >> at age 2, ryan was diagnosed with leukemia. >> this is a great place for kids to get away. >> after attending camp for a
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decade, now 18, this is his last year. like many survivors, he plans to return as a counselor. >> it is a way to close the circle and make the experience count. >> every hour is packed with activities -- a canoeing horseback riding, sports. >> you feel like a champ? >> like a champion. >> several times a day they pick up their prescribed drugs and treatment. in many cases that include chemotherapy. there are doctors and nurses. there's even a makeshift emergency room stocked with lifesaving equipment in case a camper's condition deteriorates. >> the robust medical class -- staff provides peace of mind. >> this is set up for -- they can play, get as far as every other kid. >> this year, they celebrate 30 years, welcoming alumni from the
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first summer in 1983. >> look at you next to me there. >> for many, this is their favorite childhood memory. >> we share stories of campfires, and events, a beautiful time. >> as the sun sets on the first day of camp, a tree is planted each year in memory of those who cannot come back because they are too sick or because the battle with cancer has ended. over the years, brian has lost a few friends, returning to camp only to discover that they would not be. but he says he honors his kids -- friends by signing up for activities they used to do together. >> they are here. watching over us. >> in front royal abc 7 news. >> thank you. in nice, touching story. camp fantastic is funded primarily through private donations. organizers are always looking for volunteers and financial support. you can find it more information
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at >> so nice to see those kids getting a little break. >> you see where they got the name. >> the jackpot-winning ticket was not sold in our area. one ticket in virginia matched the first five numbers. >> it is still unclear who sold -- who holds the ticket worth $1 million. it was sold at the 7/11 on south washington street in falls church. she says she was tempted to purchase the ticket but resisted. if he had won, she would of had big plans. >> beach house, for sure. >> not a beach house -- to live in disney world. >> she would run through that million quickly. we're waiting to see who purchased the winning ticket in lapeer michigan. >> next, plenty of new movies to
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choose from, including the final film role for the late whitney houston. a preview
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>> welcome back to. it is four-o'clock 53 -- 4:54. >> we are looking at a nice start to our friday morning. later tonight, not so pretty. if you have beach plants, think
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of delaying them. maybe leave tomorrow afternoon. 74 degrees, reagan national airport. charlottesville at 64 degrees. this is our strongest again showing the cold front to the west of us that arise later tonight into the overnight hours. it will increase the chance for gusty winds, heavy downpours a few thunderstorms. once this starts to clear a little bit during the day tomorrow. highs -- in the mountains, it will rain a little bit. davis and elkins are only in the 60's today. maybe a lingering shower to across the delmarva during the afternoon hours. the question mark is for sunday. we could see some clouds and showers. let's get a check on the rush hour commute. >> i will follow through on your
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train of thought. talking about traveling, what to expect as far as the weather -- double talk about what to expect if you are headed for the jersey shore through delaware and up into baltimore. there has been a stooge, fiery fatal crash. 95 on the southeast side of town. the interstate is closed northbound 95. they will take you on to the inner loop in baltimore. they have a detour to get you towards the port mchenry tunnel or up 83. it will add time to your commute. let's go to quieter shores -- traffic to the bay bridge. we are in great shape. going into richmond in virginia or a out to front royal. let's go back to news. >> thank you. you will like this story. it is bizarre. from salzburg maryland.
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a 22-year-old man is accused of breaking into a home, stripping to his underwear, and baking a chicken pot pie. >> the, heard a person calling -- banging on the door. they called 911. when they arrived, he was sitting in a chair in the living room licking a remote control while the potpie was baking. the man is being held on to order tickets thousand dollar bond. >> turning to entertainment news a lot of new movies. the -- one includes the final film role of whitney houston. >> she filmed her role in "sparkle" before she passed away. she played the mother of three girls. she also recorded a song called "celebrate." ♪
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>> celebrate. ♪ >> is rated pg 13. >> the biggest action movie stars reunite for "be expendable -- th expendables 2." chuck norris also stars in this movie. it is rated r. >> a more child friendly film -- "paranorman." a little boy has to save their town from a zombie invasion. it is rated pg. >> jennifer gardn stars -- jennifer garner star is in a film about a couple of where a little boy drops into their lives. >> the district ranked 8 survey of t [ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years. every
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paycheck. w, when youeed it obama has cut $716 llion dolrs from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare. so now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare benefits for today's seniors and strengthens the plan for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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